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ah... the first of many posts

Title: Dreaming Comes So Easily
Pairing: Ryan/ Seth
Disclaimer: The boys aren’t mine. Never have been. *sighs*
Spoilers: There are reasons Dorothy came back from Oz.
Author: Who else? The keeper of cute, unsure moments… Innocence. That would be me...
Rating: Probably G… because nothing *really* happens. It’s all a dream.

Ryan stared through his hair, tracing the wood grain with his forehead against the door. He did this almost every night, wondering if his thoughts were wrong. If he was wrong. There were so many signals that said… The little touches, the smiles, their need to be together. And that night… in the pool house…

Ryan shivered at the memory.


He couldn’t remember the dream he was having. No… not dream. Nightmare. All he know was suddenly Seth was leaning over him, hands firmly gripping his writhing shoulders.

“Ryan, man. Wake up!” Seth stared at him in a panic, eyes searching his face. “You okay?”

Ryan sat up panting on the bed, hair plastered to his forehead in a sheen of sweat and his bare chest heaving with fear. He forcefully swallowed and nodded, blue eyes flashing to Seth’s worried face and back down to see his hands balled in the sheets. Seth followed his eyes.


“Seth, I’m fine.” He relaxed his fingers and looked up.

“You wanna talk about it?” Ryan shook his head. “You can, y’know.”

Ryan shook his head again and focused on slowing his racing heart. He didn’t realize when the tears began to leak from his eyes. Only when Seth’s arms closed gently around him did he even realize he was still there. All he could do in return was take that comfort and let his fears out in heart-wrenching sobs. He clung to him, calming as he breathed in that scent so unique to Seth. His Seth. He blinked and froze, wondering where that thought came from. But it sounded so right.

He trembled with the new-found knowledge and backed away. Seth didn’t seem to notice the tension that now felt so thick in the air. “Better?”


Seth smiled wanly. “Want me to stay?”

Ryan stared in shock through a hazy veil of blonde hair. “Uhh…”

“Just in case, y’know. So you don’t hurt yourself.”

Ryan nodded, swallowing hard. “Yeah. Stay.”


Every day after, Ryan dreamed of Seth, wanting him. Needing him. And when he could no longer sleep, late at night, he crept to Seth’s door. Waiting. Waiting. Wishing he had the nerve to climb into bed beside him, hold him close and tell him everything.

His fingers curled slightly into the wood and he closed his eyes. He had no time to prepare for the door opening. He fell forward… into Seth’s arms… tumbling them both to the floor. Momentarily stunned, Ryan stared at the boy beneath him, taking in every feature as though it were a dream before scrambling back.

--- --- --- --- ---

“Ryan,” Seth moaned in his sleep, waking himself with a jolt. He was dreaming of Ryan again, standing outside his door. Waiting for him. Wanting him with the same violent desire Seth himself had. He swallowed, thanking all the saints it was just a dream.

And then he saw the shadow of feet by the hallway light outside his door.
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