FeatheredQuill (inklacedfeather) wrote in oc_slash,

Short Fic

Short fic. Inspired by Sacrifice
by: rage_blackouts and Little Boy Lost by:Heath07.

Losing Ground

I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be standing beside him now. But ever since I first saw him, I knew. Knew what he could drive me to do. Knew I would give up everything if only to see that faint smile touch his lips. Those soft looking lips roughened by life. A life he never deserved. I was gone the first time I ever looked into those dull eyes. Eyes that hold much more then they should. Show more then should be allowed. I’m not ignorant, though I may sometimes act it. His words though few are like sweet syrup coating my heart, claiming my soul. His hands hard and strong hold me just a bit fiercer then I may like but its stable. Firm. Makes me grounded. Allows him a way to show how much he cares. He worships me with those hands, his mouth, an eager tongue. And I’m lost. Lost in the sensation, the emotion the need. Falling, falling, falling but I never hit ground. When he enters me, fills me with everything that he is, I know. I know everything he went through, everything he’s hiding, everything he refuses to deal with. Sometimes he gets out of control. Rough. Hard. Pain. Tears. Blood. But I forgive him, I have to. I’m the only one who understands. The only one he truly needs. Marissa is a distraction. A playmate for the time. But he knows I’ll always be here for him. He understands how much I need him as well, knows what he is to me, how much he means. That’s why I’m here with him now, instead of her. She wouldn’t understand. Wouldn’t help him, be with him always. She doesn’t know what he’s been though, can’t understand what it all means. He moves behind me and turns me in his arms. His lips urgent, hands strong, body in need. And though I don’t know why he has to do this I’m willing to follow it through. Because my vow is to him. He’s everything I every wanted, needed. Everything my life is now. He’s my breath, my heart, my blood, my life. And as we fall, arms clutching, bodies clinging, lips moving I know he won’t let us hit ground. Because I can see our souls merging, swirling into one being. I’m everything he’s not and he’s everything I can never be. And nothing, nothing can take us away from each other now. Nothing will ever be able to stop-
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