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if I were a doornail, they'd say you were as dead as me.

I've been meaning to say this for awhile, but I haven't really had time to sit down and say what I think because RL has been rather hectic (in good way, though. :D).

So, this community was started about a half hour after theoc_slash, completely ignorant to the fact that it existed. Honest mistake, yo'. At first, I thought about closing this one, but people were posting and I thought I'd wait. And I did. But, I'm tired of waiting so... this would be the point in the party where my hard-assed roommate comes home, kicks y'all out and you decide to take the party next-door. :D I mostly left it this long because I'm lazy and I really like the way the journal looks. I am very vain.

The party is way more rocking over here. Not quite a merger, but hopefully the next best thing.

Also: if the mod of theoc_slash would like the design of this journal, it's up for grabs:

#1. Change your journal style to "clean and simple".

#2. Put this in the overrides:

For just the style:

For the comments links:

Feel encouraged to make a different graphic for the top, I'm rather impaired when it comes to image programs. If you do leave it as it is, don't worry about hosting the image, 'cause I'm leaving it where it is.

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