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Welcome to the Dark Side

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12th November 2003

shuntbumps9:18pm: if I were a doornail, they'd say you were as dead as me.
I've been meaning to say this for awhile, but I haven't really had time to sit down and say what I think because RL has been rather hectic (in good way, though. :D).

So, this community was started about a half hour after theoc_slash, completely ignorant to the fact that it existed. Honest mistake, yo'. At first, I thought about closing this one, but people were posting and I thought I'd wait. And I did. But, I'm tired of waiting so... this would be the point in the party where my hard-assed roommate comes home, kicks y'all out and you decide to take the party next-door. :D I mostly left it this long because I'm lazy and I really like the way the journal looks. I am very vain.

The party is way more rocking over here. Not quite a merger, but hopefully the next best thing.

Also: if the mod of theoc_slash would like the design of this journal, it's up for grabs.Collapse )

Feel encouraged to make a different graphic for the top, I'm rather impaired when it comes to image programs. If you do leave it as it is, don't worry about hosting the image, 'cause I'm leaving it where it is.

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Welcome to the OC / 9 showed you how it's done

rage_blackouts2:53pm: not a fic, but you have to see this...
Holy crap. Someone is making t-shirts out of fanart. Gah.

Welcome to the OC / 2 showed you how it's done

hersch10:26am: just so you know, i do realize the irony in cross posting this, but i believe there are several people out there curious about this.

as we know there are 2 [main] communities for OC slash on livejournal, theoc_slash and oc_slash, and several people are members of both. what comes of this is my friends page having double posts because the authors cross post them to both. which one is more complete so that if i were to unjoin one, i wouldn't miss any of that oc-slash-goodness?

Welcome to the OC / 1 showed you how it's done

inklacedfeather11:49am: Short Fic
Short fic. Inspired by Sacrifice
by: rage_blackouts and Little Boy Lost by:Heath07.

Losing GroundCollapse )

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11th November 2003

rage_blackouts7:07pm: two more fics
more fics - Ocean and Sacrifice

Two short little fics. One sweet and wistful, one very dark. I'll call it my Jeckyll/Hyde post.

Hope you enjoy them both!

bipolar fics

Welcome to the OC

stopawhile2:43pm: The OC Fanfic Vault
Cross-posted to several other communities. I apologize if you've already seen this

Announcing - a new automated archive for The OC fanfiction. The OC Fanfic Vault is an all-genre, all-ratings, all-pairings archive.

The OC Fanfic Vault

I hope that you all will check it out and consider archiving your stories with us. Thanks!

Welcome to the OC

shuntbumps11:25am: In case you weren't already aware: the first OC flash fic challenge is going on over here.
Current Mood: excited

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9th November 2003

kissedblister4:20pm: ...i have no luck with girls...
first post, whee. new to lj, but not journals or slash or the oc. uhm, here's a little drabble for y'all. kind of ryan/seth/luke. rated pg or r or something? enjoy.

every window pane is shatteringCollapse )

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8th November 2003

giftofgab1:21pm: Short little music-inspired drabble thing...
Title: You Make Me Wanna (Leave The One I'm With)
Rating: PG/-13
Summary: What's bad is you're the one that hooked us up. The one that should have been you.
Notes: Inspired by Usher's "You Make Me Wanna." Yea, random.

Read more...Collapse )

Welcome to the OC

6th November 2003

lithiumx23x11:36pm: hey guys my last name is Cohen and so is Seths..isnt that rad.

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rage_blackouts5:59pm: More fic. Two directions for my porntastic story.
Alright, here are two different directions for Chock Full o'Smut. I wrote one that effectively ended the story, but Brody on ff.net encouraged me to go back and write another chapter 3 so that the story could continue. Who am I to argue?

For chapter 1 of Chock Full, go here.

chapter 2 is here.

Still Smutty. Still extremely NC-17.

Chock Full O'Smut chapter 3a
Summer, Seth, and Ryan are lying entwined on the bed...Collapse )

And now for the alternate ending, which isn't an ending at all.

Chock Full o'Sex chapter 3b
Summer looked warily at the box next to her front door.Collapse )

Yeah, I'm gonna keep going with this one. These three are too good together not to.

Welcome to the OC

kaia_mariacle4:11pm: Unlucky In
Author: Kaia Mariacle
Disclaimer: I wish, alas, they’re not mine. Although, I wouldn’t mind naked Seth, studying in my bedroom.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A really confused guy.
Author’s Notes: Inspired by the adorable, hotness that is Seth Cohen. And of course, Ryan’s arms, mustn’t forget those.


Welcome to the OC

wellowned2:51pm: ah... the first of many posts
Title: Dreaming Comes So Easily
Pairing: Ryan/ Seth
Disclaimer: The boys aren’t mine. Never have been. *sighs*
Spoilers: There are reasons Dorothy came back from Oz.
Author: Who else? The keeper of cute, unsure moments… Innocence. That would be me...
Rating: Probably G… because nothing *really* happens. It’s all a dream.

Dreaming Comes So Easily… Part I??Collapse )
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5th November 2003

inklacedfeather11:05pm: Plea
One major tear-filled prob. My mom taped the OC for me and I watched it but she didn't tape next weeks previews can *anyone* fill me in before I have a massive breakdown?
Current Mood: crushed

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4th November 2003

rage_blackouts7:38pm: two more fics - yay!
Okay, yeah, so this is supposed to be fun, right? I've been putting off posting the rest of my stories because I'm not good at posting yet. Whatev. So here is a one-shot called The Blizzard, and chapter 2 of Chock Full O'Sex. The Blizzard is a contribution to the "Natural Disaster" series that we started on TWoP. Go see Wildfires, Frogs!, and Meteor!. Mine isn't funny like the last two. It's more on an angsty tip.

For chapter 1 of Chock Full, go here.

Smuteriffic, I tell you. Very NC-17. Really.

Chock Full O'Smut chapter 2
When Summer woke in the morning...Collapse )

And also, the blizzard
There was never a time when they didn't want each other.Collapse )

So there you have it. Your sex and your angst.

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31st October 2003

hyperfocused4:46pm: Fic: California Dreaming (Seth/Ryan Rated R)
Title:California Dreaming
Author: HYPERFocused
Pairing: Seth/Ryan
A/N Big fluffy feathery thanks to ChickenJodie

Seeing Tom Welling in a tool-belt and white T-Shirt was what gave Seth Cohen his first inkling he wasn't the straightest arrow in the quiver.Collapse )
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Welcome to the OC / 6 showed you how it's done

kaijawest2:32pm: FIC: The Art of Pumpkin Carving
Title: The Art of Pumpkin Carving
Author: Kaija West
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Seth and Ryan carve pumpkins, etc.
Notes: Written very fast and on the fly cause I wanted a Halloween story but didn't do one until today. Not beta'd since there wasn't time - please forgive errors. Now I must go carve my own pumpkin.
Cross posted to theoc_slash
The Art of Pumpkin CarvingCollapse )
Happy Halloween!

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29th October 2003

pixelarious11:37pm: Anyone else find it weird to watch Ryan be all hetero with Marissa? It's like conditioned in my head now that Ryan and Seth are meant to be. Enough with Marissa as the damsel in distress- everyone knows that role is occupied by Seth.

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27th October 2003

dirty_diana11:53pm: When You Were Mine, Seth/Summer/Ryan, NC-17
When You Were Mine
by dirty diana
a The OC story
rated NC-17
Dude. So not mine. Bummer.

Welcome to the OC

rage_blackouts5:37pm: 2 FICs: Sweet Revenge and Chock Full o'Smut chap 1
Hey everyone! I've been having such a great time reading everyone else's stories, I thought I'd repay the favor by sending you all some of mine. I post on TWoP as punkdiva, and have some stories up on ff.net as daisyfresh.

I've never written any fanfic before. I blame it all on The O.C. And all of you, because I wouldn't have even tried to do this myself if you all hadn't made it look so fun!

These are both extra-smutty with smut on top. Consider yourselves warned.
So I present to you my first two fics ever:
SweetCollapse )
ChockCollapse )

Welcome to the OC

tuesday79:07am: The O.C. Message Board
Hey everyone,
There's a semi-new O.C. VBulletin Message Board. It's really fun, there will be a RPG starting up soon also. Sign up HERE.

- Tuesday

Welcome to the OC

26th October 2003

kaijawest9:18pm: FIC: For Now
Title: For Now
Author: Kaija West
Rating: PG
Summary: When Ryan comes home from work Seth is waiting for him.
Notes: I don't own them and I make no profit from this. Thanks to Hawk for her excellent beta work. While I've never listed mood music for a fic before I remember that when I though up this fic I was listening to Where Is My Mind by the Pixies. Hope to do the sequel (from Ryan's ptv) soon.
Cross posted to theoc_slash

For NowCollapse )
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Welcome to the OC / 7 showed you how it's done

inklacedfeather8:11pm: Wrecked Meomries: Part 3
Title: Wrecked Memories (3/?)
Author: FeatheredQuill
Pairing: Seth/Ryan
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Just a mindless fan writer don’t mind me. You sue me and I have nothing to give you but dust and last night’s leftovers. So don’t please?
A/N: This is for a challenge on Slashing the OC yahoo group.

Yes finally I pumped out another chapterCollapse )
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Welcome to the OC / 5 showed you how it's done

torchthisnow4:22am: new fic
Title: Go Lightly Down
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Seth/Ryan
Summary: Suspicions are different from direct evidence. Written for the Two Lyrics Challenge.
Author's notes: God bless soundczech for babysitting me while I was writing this. Girl talked me out of a serious case of the blahs. For that, we love her.

Crossposted to theoc_slash

Go Lightly Down
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Welcome to the OC

barely_bean1:28am: Fic Announcement
Title: Porn When I Want
Author: Caro
Pairing: Ryan/Seth
Disclaimer: Not mine. Yes, it makes me sad too.
A/N: bexless and andariell for the beta. dammitcarl for telling me when my ending wasn't good enough, and then coming up with a title for me (it comes from this song). celli, joyfulgirl41, and girlinthetrilby for reading and encouraging me while I whined, lots.

Porn When I Want
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