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More fic. Two directions for my porntastic story.

Alright, here are two different directions for Chock Full o'Smut. I wrote one that effectively ended the story, but Brody on encouraged me to go back and write another chapter 3 so that the story could continue. Who am I to argue?

For chapter 1 of Chock Full, go here.

chapter 2 is here.

Still Smutty. Still extremely NC-17.

Chock Full O'Smut chapter 3a

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this ties up this one...hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Summer, Seth, and Ryan are lying entwined on the bed, covered in a sheen of sweat and lovemaking. The room is heady with the smell of sex.

Summer is the first to break the hazy spell. She rises from the bed, takes a quick rinse in the shower (which Ryan and Seth peek in to watch, of course), and heads back to the room she shares with Marissa.

Ryan and Seth then take their turn getting clean, showering together, lathering each others' hair, soaping each other's bodies. They stay in the hot steamy shower long after they are both clean, watching each other, stroking each other, communicating without words. 'This is okay. Everything is fine. Nothing is changing.'

They wrap themselves in fluffy towels and lie back on the bed.

Ryan looks around him at the rumpled sheets. "If we don't ever leave the room, nobody will come to clean it."

"But I don't want to leave the room! The room is good. The room is a wonderful place. I may have to live in this room forever."

"I know, Seth, but aren't you getting hungry?"

Seth pats his stomach and squints at Ryan. "You know, I wasn't even thinking about food until you said that."

"And now you're starving."

"And now I'm starving."

They both throw on clean clothes, put the maid service card on the door and head next door to Summer and Marissa's room. They both do it without discussing it, and it strikes Seth as funny that Ryan wanted Summer to come too. Well, and Marissa, of course. Damn. Marissa. What are they going to do about her?

Summer comes to the door looking a little worried. "Marissa is sick. Well, sick and depressed. She got a call from her dad last night, and it looks like he's moving out. Plus it seems she may be getting the flu or something. She looks all pale and weird."

Ryan knew that depression was just as physical as it was mental. He doubted the flu had anything to do with Marissa's pallor.

Ryan and Seth follow Summer into the room and do their best to comfort Marissa, and offer her their support. They offer to bring back some breakfast for Summer and some hot tea for Marissa.

They walk together to the hotel restaurant and order eggs and pancakes and sausage and bacon, and when the food comes they put both plates in the middle to share and dig in ravenously.

Once the plates are cleared and they are each leaning back relaxing in the booth, Seth notices Ryan looking at him in a new way that he's never seen before. He can't really put his finger on what the look means. Jealousy? Protectiveness? Possession? It couldn't be.

"So Ryan, are you sure you're okay with this Summer thing? Because it's not really too late to tell her that this was just a vacation-type occurrence."

"What, and deny you the one thing you've always wanted?"

Seth is having a hard time figuring out Ryan's tone. "She's not the only thing I've ever wanted."

"Really? You could have fooled me."

Seth grew worried. Fuck. Ryan was feeling threatened? How ridiculous. But classic Ryan. Seth just wished there was a way to explain that Summer was amazing, but that he could never feel the same connection with her that he felt with Ryan. There were so many times he wanted to have that conversation, but he knew it was hopeless. He couldn't fall in love with his brother. Okay, well he already had, but there was no way for him to talk about it. It just wasn't even an option.

Ryan looked at Seth, knowing that it was unfair of him to put Seth in this position. "Never mind. We all had fun, and that's what matters, right?"

"Right," Seth said, somewhat uneasily.

The take-out order for Summer was ready, so they paid the bill and headed back to deliver it. When Summer answered the door, she stepped into the hall and spoke quietly to them. "Guys, I think Marissa's really not okay. She doesn't feel up to going anywhere, so I think we should hang out with her and keep her company." Ryan and Seth nod in agreement, and they enter the room together.

Summer sits at a table digging into her breakfast as Seth walks the tea over to Marissa. He pulls a chair next to her bed, and takes her hand, looking into her sad eyes. "I know this must be really hard for you. Do you want to talk about it?"

Marissa considers Seth, thinking about what a nice guy he was. Why had they never been friends? It made sense to share this with him. If anyone understood her family it was him. She could have used a friend like this a long time ago. She starts to talk to Seth in a quiet voice about her dad and her mom and everything. All of it.

Ryan and Summer can't really hear her, and it feels awkward to them to stay if they aren't part of the conversation. Ryan catches Summer's eye, and together they get up to leave. Seth and Marissa both look over, then just as quickly Marissa looks back at Seth and continues talking softly. Ryan and Summer head next door.

They are happy to see that the bed has been remade. "Do you think they put on fresh sheets?"

"My god Ryan, if they didn't then they must have no sense of smell whatsoever."

Ryan laughs and sits on the bed, up against the headboard. Summer sits next to him, close but not touching.

Ryan looks at her sideways, grinning like a fool.

Summer makes a face. "Don't tell me you're still in shock about this. Surely Chino is filled with freaky chicks who do worse things than me."

"But they're nothing like you."

Summer can't tell if he's teasing her or not, and it makes her a little nervous. She scoots closer to him, putting her head on his shoulder. "Don't make fun of me, okay? I just want to play nice."

Ryan puts both arms around her and pulls her close. They sit like that for a moment as Summer fills with a sense of relief. He did like her. It didn't really matter too much, of course. She wanted to believe that the three of them could carry on this little affair indefinitely, but she knew she had to be a little bit practical.

"So you know he's in love with you, right?" she asked Ryan.

He's completely silent for a while, still holding her close. Then she hears him sigh. A long, deep sigh of resignation. But he still doesn't speak.

Summer tells him, "I'm sure you've known. It's painfully obvious. The question is, do you love him?"

"He loves you too, Summer."

Summer snorts with laughter. "Seth loves me like an eight-year-old. But he loves you like a man. Being with me this weekend is a fulfillment of an old desire. It's bringing closure for him. Being with you is what he wants for the future."

Ryan sits contemplating, absently stroking Summer's arm. After a moment, he says, "I've always known how he felt about me. It's written all over his face, and has been since the moment we first met."

"So how do you feel about him?"

Ryan drops his head onto Summer and sighs again. "I don't know. I want to love him. Really, I probably already do. But how can I do something that would jeopardize things with his family? This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Do you really think they'd let me stay if they knew?"

" are already having sex, so clearly you've been able to hide that so far."

"I know. And when Seth told you all that stuff yesterday about love being love and how there's no such thing as a romantic 16-year-old guy and how young relationships never work, well, it sounds like so much fucking denial. I know he's just saying what he has to believe to keep from facing the truth."

Summer tucks a small arm around Ryan and hugs him hard around his waist. "So what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. I can't even talk to him about it. I feel like starting that conversation would be like jumping off a cliff - there would be no way back. If he knew that I felt for him what he felt for me..."

...and on the other side of the door, Seth smiled.


He cleared his throat in the hall and made some walking noises so they wouldn't know he'd been listening. When he opened the door, he saw Ryan and Summer entwined in a deep kiss that they broke to look up at him. Very funny. And not at all convincing.

"So Marissa's feeling better and decided she wanted to be alone for a little while to think. What are you two kids up to?" Seth couldn't keep the smile out of his voice.

"Oh, nothing," Summer said, making a big show of climbing off Ryan and wiping her lips. "Just a little hot and heavy action, you know, the usual."

Seth laughs and drops onto the bed next to Ryan. "Damn, guys, don't you ever take a break?"

Ryan jumps on top of Seth and starts tickling him. Seth is squealing like a girl, and Summer can barely keep from joining them. She knows she has to help them. She just doesn't know how yet. Boys this pure and good belong together. They just do.

She gets up to go, but is grabbed by both Ryan and Seth at the same time. They look at each other, and back at her.

"You don't have to leave." Seth is the one who spoke, but the plea is echoed in Ryan's expression.

Summer knows they want her to stay because they're afraid of what they might say to each other if they were alone.

She smiles and relaxes back onto the bed. "Fine. How about this..does one of you want to give me lessons?"

"Lessons?" Ryan and Seth look at each other quizzically.

"You know, how to please a man better. Technique. Pointers. Tips."

"Ohhhhh. That sounds fun!" Seth flattens himself on the bed with a grin. "Ryan can demonstrate on me anything you want to learn."

"Uh huh. Because that's fair that you get to enjoy it while I do all the work." Ryan is smiling down at Seth.

"Well you are definitely the one with better technique. It's really a compliment!" Seth is grinning devilishly.

Ryan is unable to deny Seth anything he wants. As he's undressing Seth, he gets an idea. He whispers over to Summer, who jumps up and leaves the room.

Seth glances over and sees her go, but says nothing. Ryan is fondling his body with light teasing strokes, and it's driving him wild.

Summer returns, just poking her head in the door. "Close your eyes, Seth," she commands.

He complies, and she enters the room with two scarves, handing one to Ryan. Before Seth even realizes what's happening, they have his wrists tied to the bedposts.

He looks up at them incredulously, frightened and aroused at the same time. "Um, what's this about?"

Ryan explains, "It would be hard to teach Summer anything if you're going to be moving and thrashing around. The only way for her to get a proper lesson is for you to keep still."

Seth swallows loudly.

Ryan reaches over to caress Summer's hair. "The first thing you have to do is make sure the guy is properly turned on." And with that, he sweeps her into a strong hug and kisses her breathless. He then peels off her shirt and bra, making sure Seth can see her. He kisses her neck, nuzzling into her ear, his fingers stroke her nipples, and she moans with delight.

Seth is already hard. Watching the two of them together is making him so hot, just like Ryan knew it would. The two people he wanted more than anything. Together, in front of him.

Ryan and Summer are both naked now, and Ryan is lying on his back as Summer straddles him. She bends her head down to sweep her hair across his hot naked chest. She pinches a nipple between her fingers and squeezes slowly until she hears him gasp, and she licks the other nipple until it's as hard as a bb. She grinds her damp pussy against his growing cock, wiggling around until she feels it part her wet lips. She rocks back and forth on top of him, rubbing and rubbing until he is fully erect. She leans over to kiss him hard on the mouth, and he reaches down to insert himself into her.

He strokes her with the tip, and she lets out a loud moan. Ryan smiles and runs the tip over her clit again, eliciting another moan. She looks up to see Seth's cock fully erect against his belly, and he's struggling against the scarves to get free. He's looking directly into her eyes, and smiles at her, watching the pleasure take command of her, wishing he could touch her. Both of them.

She continues to look into his eyes as she leans up, and feels Ryan's cock slide deep into her. She holds still for a moment, relishing the feeling of fullness. Then she slowly starts to move up and down, riding Ryan, whose head is thrown back, his forehead damp.

She glides up and down with total control. She slides her hands all over Ryan's chest as he thrusts from below. She's still looking at Seth who is still looking at her. She reaches her arms behind her and leans back on the bed, raising her ass in the air a bit so that Ryan can do more of the work. He thrusts harder and harder from beneath her as he reaches a hand up to stroke her clit. She gasps loudly, and he rubs in time with the thrusting.

She'd love nothing more than to stay forever with them here. Just the three of them together enjoying each other as much as their bodies would allow. But she thinks it's time to release Seth from his bonds, both literally and figuratively. She climbs off Ryan, and positions herself on her back between Seth's legs. Ryan follows her, and pushes himself back inside, savoring the warm wetness of her around him. He's on top of her now, and as Ryan continues to thrust into her, she slowly slides up Seth until she's lying on top of him, completely covering him with her body. She turns her head slightly to the side, so when Ryan looks down, it's Seth's eyes he meets, not Summer's.

Summer has reached down to stroke Seth's thighs, and he groans at her touch. Hearing Seth, Ryan feels himself starting to come. Summer reaches above her head to put two fingers in Seth's mouth, which he sucks with abandon. She can feel his cock grinding into her back. Seth is still staring up at Ryan, watching his face contort with pleasure. It's killing Seth to not be able to reach up and stroke Ryan's face.

Ryan opens his eyes again, meeting Seth's powerful gaze. He keeps his eyes open as he comes, letting Seth see every feeling wash over him. He's never come with his eyes open before, and it feels unbelievably intense with Seth watching him. His body racks over and over with orgasm and as he feels himself filling Summer with his hot cum his pleasure is reflected back at him in Seth's eyes.

As Ryan's thrusting slows, he immediately pulls out of Summer to grab Seth's face and kiss him deeper and harder than he's ever kissed anyone. He's clutching Seth, pulling him closer and closer, squeezing him tighter and tighter. Seth's hands are pulling hard at his restraints, and Summer unties him. Seth's arms go immediately around Ryan, drawing him so close that their bodies are melding into one.

"I love you Ryan. I love you," and he's choking on the words as he says them, nearly sobbing.

"I know, Seth, I know, I love you too."

"But Ryan this is all I ever want. This. Us. Together. I can't live without you."

"Shhhh. I know." And Ryan is holding him tight, feeling Seth's hot need between them. He reaches his hand down to stroke Seth as he murmurs to him. "This is what I want too. I love you. I don't want to be apart. I don't want to be with anyone else. It's only you. It's always been you."

Seth is crying and coming, moaning with release and relief and pleasure. He can't believe what he's hearing, what Ryan is saying. It's so incredible, and he gives himself over to the sensations, feeling Ryan's hand stroking him, pulling him, his hot cum erupting onto Ryan's hand and stomach. His hands are on in Ryan's hair and he's drawing him closer to kiss him hard, so hard he bites down on Ryan's lip, drawing blood. Their faces are mashed together, tongues thrusting back and forth telling each other all the things they were afraid to say before.

Ryan wraps his arms tightly around Seth, rolling them onto their sides. He can't help but notice the tears in Seth's eyelashes. Ryan reaches up to wipe them away, and Seth's eyes flutter at the touch. They are both panting, and neither of them speak. Ryan gently strokes Seth's face, planting kisses everywhere he can reach. Seth lies still, absorbing what has just happened. Ryan loves him. Ryan wants to be with him. It's all so unexpected and wonderful. More than he ever could have asked for.

Ryan relaxes his hold on Seth just enough to see his whole face. Seth. His Seth. He understood why Seth was crying. He had been holding this back for so long, and having something this important locked away like that was so hard. Finally letting it go was an amazing feeling, like the sky had broken apart and the stars were falling all around them. They hold each other tight, knowing that the universe will watch out for them. When they both finally catch their breath, they notice that Summer is gone.

Alone. Together. Seth and Ryan. Ryan and Seth. They smile at each other knowingly, both of them aware that there is no turning back now.


And now for the alternate ending, which isn't an ending at all.

Chock Full o'Sex chapter 3b

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I was encouraged to continue this story. I guess you like it! You really like it! =) So you can thank feedbacker Brody for the continuation. This would go *in place of* what is currently Chapter 3. This leaves it open for more, more, more! I'm glad to take suggestions if you got 'em.


Also - it was pointed out to me that this is currently the smuttiest O.C. fic out there. I don't know if that makes me feel proud or squicked at myself.


Summer looked warily at the box next to her front door. She knew she hadn't bought anything online. So what the hell was this? She knew it wasn't a bomb, and it wasn't likely to be dangerous, so she carried it to her room where she could open it in private.

The return address on the box said "Toys in Babeland." That sounded a bit sketchy. What the hell was this? Finally, taking a deep breath, she peeled off the tape and looked inside. She couldn't have possibly been prepared for what she saw. It was a smooth magenta glittery dildo. She immediately started laughing. She saw the card, "For our princess with much love. Can't wait to break it in. R&S"

She dug deeper into the box, and found a hot pink patent leather harness. Holy shit. This is what she gets for telling them anything.


Life had been good since their trip to Mexico. Summer, Seth, and Ryan were together pretty much all the time, even when they weren't having sex. Summer had changed a lot, and it didn't take a genius to notice. She stopped caring so much about how she looked. She stopped hanging with her old shallow friends. She pretty much stopped worrying about what other people thought of her altogether.

She read comics. That was the hardest change to accept. Playing videogames wasn't such a big deal, but the comics...that was weird. But she had actually found out that some of them were really good. None of the ones that the boys read, of course - cool ones about smart sexy tough girls.

She sometimes felt like she was turning into a smaller, female Seth. Furthermore, it didn't bother her. It was just natural that spending so much time with him and Ryan would lead to adopting some of their hobbies.

But they had adopted some of hers, too. She remembered fondly the night she gave them makeovers. Ryan just looked like a boy in make-up. But Seth? Looked hot. Way hot. And he knew it, too. Sex with him that night was exceedingly erotic - the sexual ambiguity was such a turn-on.

She had also showed them how much fun shopping could be. She took them to Niemann's on a Saturday night and tried on whatever lingerie they picked out for her. It was like their own little fashion show. Which, naturally, ended with the three of them crammed into a tiny fitting room, all hands and tongues and sex.

She was still getting used to all the sex in public. She enjoyed it for sure - it was scary and exhilarating and so much fun. And she didn't really care so much about getting caught. People had sex in public all the time in California. It was like the unofficial state pastime or something. The only bummer was that it was something Seth and Ryan couldn't do without her. It's one thing to catch straight people having sex, it was quite another to catch two guys.

And they did it everywhere. In a grassy park on a sunny day. In the woods at night. In the ocean more times than she could count. In the hot tub, the pool, the poolhouse - in fact, they had covered almost every inch of the Cohen home.

They did it as a threesome but also sometimes in pairs. There was no way that Seth and Ryan were going to wait for her to show up every time they wanted sex, and that was fine with her. It opened up her chance to be with either of them individually when she preferred some one-on-one time.

They even managed to snag a few others into the mix. Anna was a perceptive girl, and had figured out from observing their casual intimacy, their indiscriminate touching and sexually-charged looks what was happening between them. When she stopped by one night with a bottle of tequila and a handful of limes, who were they to turn her away? Anna didn't ask for any explanations, didn't need to hear the backstory of it all. And that night was amazing. Unfortunately, Anna had a girlfriend with a jealous streak, so Anna wasn't really able to come play with them anymore. Summer was torn about it. On one hand it was nice to have another girl around, but on the other hand she was secretly happy to have her boys to herself.

Marissa joined them once too. She had been curious about what they did together all the time, and had spied on them having sex in the hot tub one afternoon. She had been pretty wigged out, but not too wigged out to come and try to watch up close. Once the three of them saw her, they all froze, not knowing what to do. She had come and started kissing Ryan, and ended up peeling off her clothes and jumping in the hot tub with them. Seth, Ryan and Summer touched and caressed her gently, as though she might break. She came several times, and even screamed from the pleasure. But though she had enjoyed herself, after a sleepless soul-searching night she decided that it wasn't anything she could do again.

Summer's relationship with Marissa was still strong. It was even stronger once Summer didn't have to keep secrets from her anymore. But Marissa was pretty wrapped up in her own problems most of the time. It wasn't the same as being with Ryan and Seth. She was happy with them. Relaxed. Fulfilled. Comfortable. With her parents gone all the time, it was nice to have friends that were always there. Always happy to see her. To accept her. To care about her.

The sex was simply extraordinary. They had fucked in every possible combination and position. Except one.

She let it slip one night when the three of them were a little drunk. They had been talking about fantasies, and what each of them would most like to do that they hadn't done yet.

She initially told them that they had done everything that she ever wanted to do. But they weren't buying it. They pressed her, sensing that there was something she was holding back.

Finally she gave in. "I wanna know what it feels like to fuck someone." The words were barely past her lips and she wanted to snatch them back.

"Um, Summer? Isn't that what we pretty much do all the time?"

"Yeah. But no. I mean, Seth, I want to be the one doing the fucking. I just want to know what it feels like to be in control like that."

"Summer, I'd say you were in control a lot of the time. Really."

"I guess. Never mind. I guess I can't really explain it."

Ryan spoke up, "I think I know what you mean, Summer. It's a different feeling to really top someone that way. If that's something you want to do, then let's do it."

"But how? I mean, it's not like I could grow my own dick or anything. I wouldn't even want to. I like being a girl. A lot. It would just be fun to try it once or twice, that's all."

Seth laughed. "Well, there are toys you can buy, you know. There are a ton of websites and stuff. Not that I've, you know, seen them or anything."

Summer threw a pillow at him. "I know that sex toys can be purchased. But I'm sure you guys would never let me do that to you."

Seth and Ryan exchanged confused glances.

"Summer, if we do it to each other, why wouldn't we let you do it to us?"

"I don't know. It's a dumb idea. Pretend I never said anything."

But the boys knew that secretly she really wanted it to happen.


So here she was two weeks later with her new toys on her bed and a big smile on her face. She still wasn't sure if she could do it. To strap something on like that? She'd feel so silly! And surely the boys would make fun of her. It was too ridiculous to even consider.

But they had bought it for her. She couldn't very well ignore it and try to make it go away. They'd be curious. They'd ask. And she didn't want to lie to them.

She lifted it up and looked it over warily. It was, in fact, very pretty. Those smart boys had actually picked out something in her style. It was totally smooth, and wasn't made to look like an actual penis. She liked that. It was a different type of appendage - she wasn't trying to be a boy or anything. In fact, it almost looked...feminine. Not too big, pink and sparkly. Maybe she could just try it on.

It took her a second to figure out how it all fit together. She had to adjust the straps a few times to make it fit her snugly. Once it was in place, she went to her full-length mirror to see what she looked like with it on. It did look a little silly at first, but she thought she could possibly get used to it. She tried stroking it a little. It was really kind of cool, she decided. She couldn't feel the gentle stroking, of course, but when she increased the movement and the pressure, the strap that went between her legs rubbed against her clit, and oh. Oh. Oh! That was good. She could totally get into that. Her mind started racing with the possibilities.

She threw on a loose fitting dress, jumped in her car, and drove right to the Cohen house. She laughed to herself that it would be just her luck to get pulled over or something.

She parked in the driveway and tried to sneak into the poolhouse. But the glass door was locked. Now what?

"Hi Summer!"

Fuck. "Hi Mr. Cohen!" She kept her back to him, facing the poolhouse door.

"Sandy. I told you Summer, you can call me Sandy. So I guess you're looking for the boys?"

"Yeah. Are they around?"

"Inside watching a movie. Come on, I'll walk in with you."

Dammit. She suddenly had sympathy for boys when they got inconvenient hard- ons.

She could see reflected in the glass that he had already started towards the house. She had no choice but to turn around follow him. She thought about nonchalantly unstrapping the dildo and dropping it in a bush or something, but didn't want to risk Marissa's dog mistaking it for a new chew toy. So she hugged her purse tightly to her crotch with both arms hoping to god that Sandy wouldn't notice.

Sandy walked her to the den, where Seth and Ryan were watching a movie. When they looked up and saw her, they figured out by her purse-hugging and her pink cheeks exactly what was going on. They both smiled at her a little too widely.

"Look who I found outside! Why don't you kids go out and get some sun. It's a gorgeous day. Way too nice to be indoors."

Seth could barely suppress a laugh. "Okay, Dad. We'll take little Summer here and find something productive to do."

Summer was bright red now, and made a beeline for the back door, Seth and Ryan walking a few paces behind her. Once they were out the door, both boys fell on the ground with laughter.

"I wish you could have seen your face, Summer. That was classic!"

"Shut up, Seth. I just wanted to surprise you guys!"

Ryan put his arm around her, stifling a chuckle as they approached the poolhouse. "It's okay, Summer. He didn't notice anything."

"I fucking hope not. That was completely mortifying."

Once they were inside, she reached under her dress and started undoing the straps.

"What are you doing? Aren't you even going to let us see you in it? Dude, I want a little return on my investment!"

Summer paused and looked at Seth. "I don't know. I was already a little unsure about this. Maybe it just isn't a good idea."

"Well, you must have thought it was a great idea earlier, or else you wouldn't have driven here with it on. God, you are fucking sexy. I can't believe you did that! Just sit down for a minute and take a few deep breaths. We'll get you back in the mood in no time with our amazing skills."

Summer sat and relaxed, and Ryan gently stroked her neck and back as Seth kissed her hot cheeks. She began to feel a bit more comfortable, and as her nerve came back, so did her excitement.

She wordlessly rose and stood before the two boys, and pulled the dress off over her head. They both stared in open-mouthed silence.

"Okay, somebody say something. I feel a little silly here."

Seth let out a gurgled noise that might have been 'wow'. Ryan whistled, looking her up and down.

Summer smiled. "Okay, those were positive-sounding noises, but can we try for something a bit more verbal?"

"You look...amazing. It suits you. How does it feel?"

"Not too bad. But I'm still not sure what to do with it."

Seth and Ryan share amused looks.

"Seriously. I don't know how to work this!"

Ryan pulled her back down onto the bed. "Come on, Seth, we have to show a little understanding here. Summer, just relax. We'll work it out together."

Ryan kissed Summer gently on the lips as Seth checked out her new toy. He reached out to touch it, curious to know what it felt like. It was warm and smooth, and a decent size. He traced along the harness lightly with his fingertips, noticing that the strap between Summer's legs was directly against her clit. Nice.

He slipped his finger under the strap, and stroked her clit gently but firmly. Her hips rose off the bed, encouraging him.

Ryan had moved downwards, and was now kissing her neck. She was moaning quietly, and reached out to stroke his head.

She leaned up and gently pushed Ryan down on his back, slipping off his shorts. She felt the need to go to a comfort zone, to do something she felt more confident about doing well.

She quickly spread his legs apart and sucked a hickey on his inner thigh. He gasped in surprise, the mix of pleasure and pain shooting directly to his cock. Summer used her finger to softly slide her fingers up and down the shaft as it started to stiffen.

Seth moved to stretch out face down and started kissing Ryan with long deep tongue-filled kisses. His hand strayed under Ryan's shirt, pinching and pulling gently on his nipples. Ryan was moaning a little louder now. Summer put her mouth to his cock, and just breathed warm air on it, enough for him to know she was there.

"Please, Summer," he moaned.

She smiled and licked the crease between his hip and thigh. She looked up in time to see Seth give her an amused look.

"Are you going to torture him, or blow him?" he said with a smirk.

Summer stuck her tongue out in a point and touched it to the hole in the tip of Ryan's cock. This slight touch had Ryan pushing his hips up seeking entry into Summer's mouth. She didn't resist it, allowing him to shove his way in. She clutched his ass, and took as much of him down her throat as she could. He groaned loudly as she moved her mouth up and down the shaft, sucking and licking all the way.

Seth was mesmerized by the vision of Ryan's cock sliding in and out of Summer's glossy pink lips. These two were so fucking hot, and Seth felt like the luckiest guy on earth. Seeing Ryan's eyes roll back into his head, Seth moved to position himself behind Summer. He only had to tap gently on her ass and she lifted it to grant him access to her hot pink pussy.

As Summer continued to suck on Ryan, Seth was on his knees behind Summer, feeling between her legs to get himself positioned. When she felt him enter her, she nearly cried out. She was being filled at both ends by these men she loved. Men she trusted, cared about, couldn't do without. Seth worked up to a steady rhythm, his hands firmly on her hips. Summer was so wet, her juices were already running down his leg. He grinned down at Ryan, who was looking up at him. He wanted so badly to kiss his hot swollen lips.

Apparently Ryan felt the same. He stopped Summer for one excruciating moment while he got on his knees. As soon as he steadied himself, Summer grabbed him around the waist and went back to sucking him. This allowed him to reach across and stroke Seth's face.

Seth pressed himself into Ryan's caress, still steadily stroking in and out of Summer. He reached down to stroke her clit, but she gently pushed his hand away. He slipped his finger under the strap of the harness, and gently moved it back and forth in time with his strokes. Summer stopped sucking Ryan long enough to let out a deep moan. Again she pushed Seth's hand away, redoubling her efforts on Ryan.

Ryan passed the point of no return, feeling the impending orgasm rushing forward. Seth licked his fingers and rubbed Ryan's stiff pink nipples as Ryan moaned and grabbed Summer's shoulders, thrusting himself in and out of her mouth. She reached underneath to stroke his sensitive spot behind his balls, and he couldn't hold back any longer. He came long and hard, shuddering with release.

He collapsed back onto the bed, and after watching how sexy Seth looked squeezing his eyes shut in concentration, he moved to where he could kiss Summer. He could taste himself on her lips and on her tongue. He stroked her head lovingly as she gasped into his mouth.

After a moment, he got up and knelt behind Seth, gently pulling him away from Summer. Seth trustingly allowed him to do so, knowing that whatever was coming next would be worth it. Ryan propped Seth up on all fours, and Summer knew what to do. And she wasn't nervous anymore. When Seth felt Summer kneel behind him between his legs, he almost came right then and there. By the time Ryan produced the lube and Summer entered him, he was burning with lust.

Seeing Seth's back stretched out before her and hearing his low growls of pleasure, she felt a new kind of power that she had never experienced before. When she heard Seth quietly chant, "Fuck me, Summer," she nearly lost her mind.

They moved together, Summer completely amazed and exhilarated by at what she was doing. Her nails were digging into Seth's hips, leaving red marks. The strap between her legs was moving in time with her thrusts, sending her clit into a frenzy.

Seth was struck by the fact that in all the many thousands of times he had imagined sex with Summer, he never would have guessed that the tables would someday be turned like this. And it was all So. Fucking. Hot. He just wanted to keep this going forever.

After a while, he just couldn't hold out any longer. Seth went over the edge. He felt all of his muscles contract. He nearly screamed through his orgasm as he came, his body shuddering with the sensations of fullness and release.

When Summer heard this, she completely lost control. Her clit spasmed over and over, the waves of pleasure and power mixing heavily within her. She groaned low and deep, almost as if some animal instinct had come over her. Ryan held her from behind as she came, whispering dirty talk into her ear as she pushed forward into Seth, squeezing his hips back into her as her body split apart and came back together.

When she felt herself reassemble, and her panting had slowed some, she felt Ryan's strong arms lift her and lie her on her back, and felt two sets of hands undoing her buckles and straps. She then felt two pairs of lips kissing her body all over from head to toe.

She was almost afraid to open her eyes, knowing that what had just happened between them was possibly the most thrilling and intimate thing yet. She reached down to Seth's neck and gently pulled his face to hers, looking into his eyes.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

He smiled contentedly down at her. "No, didn't hurt a bit. Felt pretty awesome, in fact. Did you enjoy it?"

Her face lit up. "It was amazing. Even better than I thought it would be."

Ryan and Seth snuggled on either side of her, wanting to ask more about how it had felt for her, but her eyes were already drooping with sleep.

Seth whispered to Ryan, "Look at her. One day with a dick and she passes out after sex just like a guy."

Summer responded drowsily, "Watch it, Cohen. Her name is Ruby. Show some respect for our new friend."

Seth and Ryan smiled happily at each other, pleased that their gift had been well-received.


Yeah, I'm gonna keep going with this one. These three are too good together not to.
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