gaby. (giftofgab) wrote in oc_slash,

Short little music-inspired drabble thing...

Title: You Make Me Wanna (Leave The One I'm With)
Rating: PG/-13
Summary: What's bad is you're the one that hooked us up. The one that should have been you.
Notes: Inspired by Usher's "You Make Me Wanna." Yea, random.

"You're not staying?" Seth asks, running a hand through his curls like he doesn't already know the answer.

Ryan sighs, getting up to pull on his faded denim jeans, "I have to go. Marissa's-"

"Yeah, sure." He nods, lighting up a cigarette and taking a drag, "You know, I'm kind of sorry I missed the wedding."

Ryan doesn't look at him as he bends to pick up his wifebeater from the floor, shaking off the dust, "Yeah, Seth, I know."

Seth lays back against the mattress, exhaling smoke rings into the small apartment air.
"You remember the way out, right?"

Ryan sits at the wooden desk to tie his cross-trainers, "Yeah. I do." He replies and with that the door slams and he's gone. At least, for now.

Seth's cigarette burns a hole in the ashtray on the nightstand. He lets out one more stream of smoke before rolling over and crying himself to sleep.

I tried to fight it but the feelings just too strong, you make me wanna...

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